YouTubers I love

Hey everyone! Last weeks I shared the TV shows I have been watching and enjoying. With my overwhelming amount of spare time I also watch a lot of YouTube so I thought I could share four YouTubers I love watching. 1. Jordan Lipscombe  Jordan Lipscombe often focuses her videos around beauty and fashion. Her videos... Continue Reading →

20 things I’ve learnt in 20 years!

Hello everyone! Tomorrow marks twenty years since I've been on this planet, so I thought I would do this post to celebrate my birthday. Although when this post goes live it won't quite be twenty years, we can move past that. So here goes, 20 things I've learnt in 20 years. 1. Be kind  People... Continue Reading →

My best valentine

As we all know Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, I can bet a number of internal groans came after reading that sentence. Yes this Wednesday is in Valentine’s Day and single or not, no one can escape the commercial harassment of sparkly red hearts and fluffy teddy bears that say ‘I love you.’ I have never... Continue Reading →

Move in day

Now, I’m sure you have heard and read plenty of ‘First day at uni’ stories and I’m sure plenty of them began ‘I woke up so excited/nervous for this new adventure….’ Or something along those lines. This is not how my day began. My day began at 8:30am, my mum violently shaking me to wake... Continue Reading →

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