What I did on valentine’s day

Just a few days ago was the day to celebrate all things LOVE, I had such a nice day and just wanted to share it all with you today. So rather than having a typical valentine's day I had a 'galentine's' day with my best friend Joss. We started the day in a slightly unconventional... Continue Reading →

Be happy

Recently I’ve been thinking about the people and things I surround myself with and how my mood fluctuates when I am in different surroundings with different people. Most of the time I am a happy and calm person but recently I have noticed that some people’s mood and attitude can wear me down. I think... Continue Reading →

Be nice

They say the best things in life are free, and we all love free things, right? Shops giving out free samples, clubs and bars with free entry, competitions to win a free holiday. We enjoy these things because we gain without losing anything in exchange, but guess what else comes free? Kindness. So why is... Continue Reading →

My best valentine

As we all know Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, I can bet a number of internal groans came after reading that sentence. Yes this Wednesday is in Valentine’s Day and single or not, no one can escape the commercial harassment of sparkly red hearts and fluffy teddy bears that say ‘I love you.’ I have never... Continue Reading →

I’ve lost myself

I’m sure if I asked you if you know who you are yet I’d get a variety of answers. Recently I’ve been feeling very lost in myself, I feel like I’ve lost myself. Now this all sounds very deep, dark and miserable and yes it has been getting me down a little but its induced... Continue Reading →


2017 has been a big year for change; friendships have changed, relationships have ended and I have moved miles away from home. I have done some wonderful things and I have faced some hardships but I will end the year having grown, feeling content and with a full heart. I was lucky enough to travel... Continue Reading →

Not everything you lose is a loss

I’m sure most of us have suffered the loss of a relationship/friendship that left us questioning what happened. Some people grow apart, and that is okay. But some people are treated badly. In which case there are usually a few ways of handling this; you forget them and go on with your life, get angry... Continue Reading →

Move in day

Now, I’m sure you have heard and read plenty of ‘First day at uni’ stories and I’m sure plenty of them began ‘I woke up so excited/nervous for this new adventure….’ Or something along those lines. This is not how my day began. My day began at 8:30am, my mum violently shaking me to wake... Continue Reading →

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