Turning 21

Hello everyone! Yes you read the title right; ya girl is turning 21. It feels like I wrote my last birthday posts just a couple of months ago, it's hard to grasp how fast time is going and how quickly I'm growing up. I still feel as though I'm 17 years old most of the... Continue Reading →

What I got for my birthday

Hello everyone today's post is one I have been so excited to get up for you! Sorry it has taken longer than expected but the weather wasn't on my side when it came to taking pictures. I don't have pictures of every present I received but will still mention what I was lucky enough to... Continue Reading →

Birthday celebrations

Hello everyone! Today's post is the second post in my birthday 'series' and will include all the things I've got up to during my birthday. This was actually meant to be the third post and the second was meant to be the outfit for my birthday night out but I got far too intoxicated and... Continue Reading →

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