The sunshine blogger award

Hi everyone! Today’s post is something a little different as I was recently nominated by Sophie Smiles for the Sunshine blogger award. So Thank you so much to Sophie for getting me involved in this! The rules for accepting this nomination: Thank blogger(s) who nominated you in the blog post and link back to their... Continue Reading →

My degree: choosing my happiness

Choosing the degree you want to do, the subject you want to specialise in can be a stressful time, for me, it wasn’t. I knew I wanted to go into a writing degree as soon as the process of applying to uni began, some may say that’s lucky, or just prepared, but it was simple.... Continue Reading →

My best valentine

As we all know Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, I can bet a number of internal groans came after reading that sentence. Yes this Wednesday is in Valentine’s Day and single or not, no one can escape the commercial harassment of sparkly red hearts and fluffy teddy bears that say ‘I love you.’ I have never... Continue Reading →

I’ve lost myself

I’m sure if I asked you if you know who you are yet I’d get a variety of answers. Recently I’ve been feeling very lost in myself, I feel like I’ve lost myself. Now this all sounds very deep, dark and miserable and yes it has been getting me down a little but its induced... Continue Reading →

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