Summer clothing essentials

Hello everyone today I am going to be sharing pieces you NEED to have in your summer wardrobe to survive the hot weather and still look good doing it. I have items of each description which you would have seen in my summer wardrobe additions.

  1. Midi skirt

I love midi skirts and I definitely need more of them in my wardrobe. Both skirts are from Motel Rocks and are linked below.

Green skirt and Blue skirt.

2. Linen/Floaty shorts

As much as I love denim shorts it can be hard to find a pair that fit nicely. Linen shorts are a great alternative because they are loose and not as stiff as denim. The Khaki pair are from Pretty Little Thing and The Stone pair are from Missguided.

3. Denim shorts

I have finally found denim shorts that work for me and that is down to ‘Mom’ fitted shorts. I always found denim shorts too tight, stiff and suffocating. But baggier and longer shorts are my new favourite thing. These are both from Pretty Little Thing and are linked below.

Blue pair and the Black pair.

4. Flat slip on sandals

Everyone needs a quick and easy slip on sandal for summer. Both sandals are from Pretty Little Thing and are linked below.

The Black pair and The Beige pair.

5. Chunky sandals

I love chunky sandals. They give you a little extra height without the pain of walking in heels. Both of these sandals are from AJvoyage and are linked below.

Gabriella Chunky Buckle Sandals and Told You Chunky Studded Sandals.

6. Summer dress

Both dresses are from Nasty Gal and are linked below.

Seeds Must Floral dress and Floral Wrap dress

Thank you so much for reading this weeks post. I hope you enjoyed.

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