It’s okay to not love university

Everyone always told me that University would be the best years of my life and I think it was clear to me quite early on that I didn’t seem to love uni as much as everyone else. For such a long time I felt so weird for not enjoying uni as much as everyone else. Luckily for me I did enjoy university it just didn’t seem to be in the same way as everyone else and I think I found that more stressful than uni itself in my first year. I was so worried about not loving uni that it was making me hate it even more because I felt so much pressure. A lot of the pressure came from my own expectations and seeing my peers on social media having a great time- and from that first year was a real struggle.

As I moved onto second and third year I became a lot more comfortable and despite not having the ‘typical’ uni experience I was okay with it. I loved my course so much and even though I didn’t always go to my classes I really loved everything I learnt from my tutors. I think if I hadn’t loved my course as much I wouldn’t have stuck uni out because the social side didn’t live up to my initial expectations.

University isn’t for everyone and that is okay! Whether you go and realise it’s not what you want, you decide not to go in the first place because you know you won’t enjoy it or you don’t love it completely but you stick it out, it is all okay. If you decide to go to uni and you are really unhappy you have every right to drop out, don’t feel any pressure from others or letting yourself down. Your happiness is more important- all I can say is don’t rush any decisions. I definitely had moments of wanting to leave but I decided to stick it out and don’t regret it at all, but that was the right decision for me. Do whatever makes you happy.

Thank you so much for reading this week’s post. I hope it helped anyone that may be struggling with university.

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