My top ten tips for surviving university

Hello everyone! As you probably know I finished university last month. So in light of that I thought I would share my top ten tips to make the process a little easier for the rest of you.

1. Say yes 

Go out and meet people. Don’t hold yourself back from opportunities

2. Be careful with your money

By that I mean don’t do what I did and buy yourself a takeaway and a new outfit every time you feel sad.

3. Don’t live on noodles

And if you do make sure it’s not the Tesco value ones, take it from someone who knows. Just aim a little higher.

4. Get to know the town your in

5. Go out on your own

Before uni I rarely went anywhere by myself. Don’t rely on other people to make plans if you want to go and get a coffee, take a book or some work and sit and enjoy your coffee.

6. It’s okay to miss a 9am if you’re hungover- just don’t do it every week

7. Use the library 

It’s there for a reason. In the whole three years I was at uni I didn’t take a single book out.

8. Get a good series to binge 

9. Do as few all nighters/late nights of work as possible 

It always sounds like a good idea. It isn’t.

10. Don’t be a slob

Don’t be that person who leaves a pan in the sink for a week so it can grow mould. Just don’t do it.

Thank you so much for reading this weeks post. I hope you enjoyed and learned something from my many mistakes and experiences.

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