What I’ve been reading

Hi everyone! Today I thought I’d share some of my recent reads with you. I read a lot for my course and I do enjoy it and have never really shared any of my favourites on here. I thought as we have all had more time on our hands I would share some of my recent reads for you.

1. The perfect girlfriend 


A thriller that had me flying through the pages. I am normally quite a slow reader but this book was a breeze to get through because it always left me wanting to know more. I had many gasp moments because it kept pushing the limits further. I would definitely recommend this.

2. Monster: My true story


I read this book to help me with my dissertation. If you are into true crime you will probably enjoy this. Full of interviews and information on Aileen Wuornos and the murders she committed.

3. Violet 


Another thriller, this book was also a breeze to get through. Enjoyed that the story was set while travelling so the setting moved around a lot. I did not see the twist coming at the end. It’s not too long if that is something that bothers you. Really easy read but the story doesn’t suffer for it.

4. Two women


This book contains a lot of violence and is definitely nothing I have read before. It is quite a long book and a heavy read but definitely felt proud of myself once I eventually finished it. I read it to help with my dissertation and it definitely gave me a good insight on how to write violence and murder.

Thank you so much for reading this weeks post. I hope you enjoyed it and I gave you some inspiration for new reads.

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