My favourite affordable lashes – Daxie Beauty

Hello everyone! I absolutely love fake eyelashes and I love affordable beauty items. Therefore I just had to share this retailer with you today: Daxie Beauty. My friend Alix heard of this company on Instagram at the beginning of the year and recommended them to me as they had a huge sale on so I tried them out for myself.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me talk about these lashes before. I did a bulk order of seventeen pairs of lashes and by now I would say I have tried out about half of the styles. I will include some of my favourites and any pictures of me wearing them because I know people like to see lashes on.

Daxie beauty has a huge range of lashes, offering: natural, glam, winged, long and fluffy styles.

They’re lashes are around the £3-£4.50 price range which is incredible. Some of their sale items can also go under £2. Despite being cheap they are still durable lashes, I have had mine since the beginning of January and wear the style Gina around at least once a week and they are still as good as new.

They also now offer a subscription box, 20 pair eyelash book, mystery bags and individuals. They are really starting to grow as a brand which makes me so happy as they are small business that is starting to take off. They have recently come out with eye shadow pallets- I haven’t tried these so I can’t comment on the quality but wanted to mention that they are beginning to branch out.


Now for my favourite styles:

I will link any lashes I can find on the site and include any photos of me wearing them so you can see the styles on.

1. Kiera

2. Gina 

3. Fifi

4. Lyra 


Thank you so much for reading this weeks post, I hope you enjoyed it. If you did please go and check out Daxie Beauty.

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