Things I’m grateful for

This week I was originally going to post a ‘How I’m doing post’ and have a catch up with you guys and have a little moan about things. But then I thought I don’t really want to share how I’m feeling at this moment as it’s not completely positive. So instead I have decided to put up a list of things I am grateful for and the things that are cheering me up during this not so happy time.

My health

I am very lucky to be healthy, especially with what is going on in the world right now. I had a time last year of constantly getting sick, luckily nothing serious and that has definitely made me appreciate being well even more so.

My family

Being away from them during this time has made me realise how much love I have for each and every one of them. I am very lucky to have people that love and support me always.

My boyfriend

I am very lucky to have found someone that loves and supports me as much as I do them. He is probably the most generous person I know and is completely selfless. He is a best friend with all the added bonuses.

My friends

They are probably the craziest people I know but when it comes down to it they always have my back. They have filled my life with so much laughter and for that I will be forever grateful


I can’t explain how much the weather can affect my mood- if the sky is grey it is highly likely I won’t be in the best mood. But sunshine we have had recently has made life so much brighter and happier.


In a time we can’t go anywhere a book is the best way I can completely transport myself out of the madness of the world we are in now. Endlessly grateful for beautiful fiction.


It may not fix things but it sure is a comfort I have always appreciated.

A hug

I am not the touchiest person in the world but when you need one they are one of the biggest sources of comfort.

Good food

I am very grateful to have a boyfriend that can cook and for all the delicious food he makes me on a daily basis. This also goes for gorgeous takeaways and restaurants, food from all over the world I have enjoyed and that I can’t wait to get back to.


They are a constant source of pure happiness, I can’t think of a time seeing a dog hasn’t made me happy.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this weeks post.

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