2020 goals

So this post would normally go up in January but as we know I decided to vanish in November. So I decided as I am back I would clue you guys into what I want to achieve by the end of this year.

1. Graduate uni and be happy with my work and results. 

This one is pretty self-explanatory, I feel like everyone goes to uni with the end goal of graduating. But more than anything I want the last three years to feel like it has been worth it by being happy with the work I have created.

2. Get a full time job 

Obviously with uni finishing I will be thrown into the ‘real’ world and will need to get a full time job.

3. Save to go travelling 

I hope to go travelling 2021/2022 so I want to put the majority of the money I earn away to go towards my travels.

4. Get in better shape

If you know me you know I do not exercise. It is a rare occasion but this is the year I will start to get myself moving and look after myself more.

5. Eat healthier

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the last goal. I need to learn to eat healthier and make better food choices for the things my body needs as I am your typical student who lives off beans on toast and ready meals.

6. Snack less!!

I am a snacker. I snack all of the time. I can eat a whole meal say I’m full up but can then go and eat multiple packets of crisps.

7. Be more active online

I am on social media such as Instragram and Twitter a fair amount but I feel as though I don’t post enough and use the other platforms to their full potential to push out my content.

8. Get back to the blog

and here we are…

9. Make it more of what I vision

This year is the year to play around with layout and theme and make it more me

10. Stay consistent 

Don’t put too much pressure on myself to post all the time but also don’t fall off the face of the earth

11. Be Happy

The most important one

Thank you so much for reading.

Remember to check out my socials:

Twitter: @Loz_Martin_

Instagram: @Laurenmartinn__

21Buttons: @Laurenmartinn_

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