Covid 19- What i’m doing, What i’m feeling, What the f*ck is going on?

So I think we can all agree that this is a scary and very confusing time for everyone in the world right now. I don’t want to write too much about the facts and figures of what’s going on because although it is important to stay informed I am no expert and have found the more I see people  talking about the current situation the more stressed out I feel. So I have two posts planned that will have any mention of what’s going on, one being the one you’re reading  and a few things that people can do to fill the time during ‘lock down’ or whatever you are calling it- that post will be coming later in the week.

What I’m doing?

So I got back to uni Monday 16th March after having a couple of weeks off and by Wednesday evening there were rumours of a lock down. Even though I knew I wouldn’t be seeing everyone back home I hated the idea of being so far away. I decided to come home on March 19th. There had been talks as to where I would stay between my family and I, me and my boyfriend and his family but didn’t want to decide on anything until there was more formal information- I was still limiting the amount of people I was seeing and how much I was going out but I usually stay at my boyfriends for half the week and my own house the rest of the time. As you know if you’re from the UK on Monday we were told that the restrictions were being enforced so that evening the decision was made to move in with my boyfriend Will and his family for the next three weeks.

How I’m feeling?

I can admit at the beginning of all of this I wasn’t worried at all, it’s only been over the last couple of weeks that the worry has set in. The night that our Prime Minister announced that he would be enforcing the social distancing etc. real panic settled in. Now it’s been a couple of days into ‘lock down’ I am feeling much more settled and calm. The day I ‘moved out’ was a really hard one. Even though I leave for weeks at a time for uni and don’t see my family my Mum had a rather emotional goodbye this time around. When it comes to uni and deadlines this is obviously an added stress due to classes moving online and I am extremely worried for what could happen with my work, marking, deadlines and results but there isn’t much I can do other than keeping working on my assignments and hope for the best.

Unfortunately with the situation we are in all we can do is accept the situation for what it is and just do our bit to stop the spread and keep ourselves and loved ones safe.

Personally I am spending my time trying to work through the pile of uni work I have, reading, going back to things I enjoy (this blog for example) and relaxing when I can. This is a hard time no matter what position you are in so try and find some time to unwind. I saw a video from This Morning on Instagram the other day and it gave me some comfort, so if you’re up for watching you can find it here.

Look after yourselves and each other and a big thank you to the NHS who are working round the clock to save people, you are incredible.

Thank you so much for reading.

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