Turning 21

Hello everyone! Yes you read the title right; ya girl is turning 21. It feels like I wrote my last birthday posts just a couple of months ago, it’s hard to grasp how fast time is going and how quickly I’m growing up.

I still feel as though I’m 17 years old most of the time and I definitely still have a baby face. I will never forget the time I went into the shop a few months back and bought two sex on the beach in a can and the man questioned whether my ID was real; 21? Are you sure this is you? I think I would have aimed a little higher than 3% pre-mixed cocktails if I’m honest.

But in all seriousness it does not feel right saying I’m just a couple of days away from turning 21. The age itself isn’t scary, it’s just a number after all. But I remember thinking by the time I’m 21 my life will be so different. When I was really young I thought I would have been married by now and maybe have a baby, let me tell you that idea changed very quickly after realising I can hardly look after myself let alone a crying, pooing, snot machine. Give me several years and I’ll be there. But even just a few years ago when I thought of 21 I thought of graduating uni, moving back home and starting my real life. And that is happening. The age of 21 is going to bring a lot of change and a lot of growing up and despite having the odd stress-fuelled meltdown about it, I’m excited.

Of course I’m also excited to milk the fact that it’s my birthday and as its a ‘big birthday’ I get to milk it that little bit more. I am hoping to do another mini Birthday series this month, similar to last years blog posts.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post, thank you so much for taking the time to read.

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