Lucky Dip Clothing- Rebellious Fashion

Hello everyone! Today I am back with my favourite posts to write, which of course is a Lucky Dip clothing review. This time round we are looking at Rebellious Fashion. I have to say I think these are my favourite items that I have received from a Lucky Dip before.

If you have read my other lucky dip posts or ordered some yourself you know how it works. If you are new to this idea you put your size in as you would when ordering any clothes and how many items you want and that’s all you get to know.


So as you can see above you get one item for £5 which has been the case with every other Lucky Dip I have done. The deal was two items for £5 so I decided on ordering two. Meaning four items for £10, I felt that two items wasn’t enough to see the quality of their Lucky Dip items.


The first item is this mesh, high neck top. The bright pink definitely drew me in as soon as I opened the parcel. This definitely something I would see online or in a shop and say ‘I like it but I wouldn’t wear it.’ Bright colours can care me off at times. Which is the exact reason I am so happy I got this in my lucky dip because I really like it and now I am going to make myself wear it. The top is super stretchy so it wasn’t a struggle to get it on over my head, a problem I often have with high neck tops. I think it’s a top you can just wear on a casual day with some black jeans/skirt. But styled with some brighter pieces could really be an ‘out there’ outfit.


Next up is this off the shoulder black crop top. Let me tell you, I love this. When I pulled it out the bag I thought it was cute but a bit meh… After trying it on and looking back at the picture above I think this is a super flattering top. Again I think this can be dressed up or down as it is such a staple piece.


Now this is where I start to feel conflicted. I think I like this item but there’s something about sequins that i don’t 100% love. I think this top is really flattering on my chest, the cut out is just enough for me. I think it’s a cute top just not my thing.


Finally, we have the co-ord. I LOVE the colour of these pieces, I think it goes nicely with my skin tone and is really flattering. But I really don’t like this. The shorts felt gapey around my crotch. Which I did not appreciate. The top has nothing wrong with it, it’s just not my thing.

This was for sure my favourite Lucky Dip that I’ve done so far. The quality of the items was great for the price and I’m keeping at least two of the items, maybe three. So I would call that a success.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this weeks post.

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