Bohomoon – £5 sale

Hello everyone, today I am bringing you a completely unplanned blog post but it was something I just had to share with you. This post is not sponsored and none of the products were gifted to me I just love a bargain and love this brand so I can’t help but share it with you guys.

Bohomoon 5 sale

Some of you may know the online jewellery store Bohomoon and if you haven’t you should definitely check them out after this blog post. Well Bohomoon are currently doing a huge £5 sale where so many of their items, you guessed it, are being sold for only £5. All the items I bought are stainless steel and with each item you are given the choice of silver, gold or rose gold. I got all my items in gold as I don’t really have any gold jewellery as I often go for silver. I am going to share the items I bought with you and I will leave links with all the items.

Fate Ring 


Old English Zodiac Necklace




Vienna CZ Ring


Esme Hoop Earrings 


Reflect CZ Ring PairIMG_6702

Again this post wasn’t sponsored I just thought I could share a way for you guys to get some nice jewellery at an insanely good price. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. Make sure you check out Bohomoon and check out my socials below.

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