Coming back to uni… again

When you’re reading this it will be the night before my first class back at university. I will (hopefully) have unpacked and settled in and be ready to face my third and final year. Now I don’t want to mislead you into thinking I am in any way ready to go into my last year because I don’t think that could be any further from the truth. The truth being; I’m shitting my pants.

Surprisingly, I am looking forward to being back and have this real want to work hard and get on with the year ahead. Whether this will last long is another story, but we can hope. University gives me a real routine to work around and I feel a lot more motivated to get on with things when I am here. It also gives me the freedom and space that I lack when I am home for the holidays.

Of course I will miss things and people such as my family, friends, working and earning my own money. But I am really excited for this year and determined to work hard. My first task is going to be fitting in work and blogging around my classes and sticking to my routine and making sure I actually stay on top of my work and make it in to ALL my classes.

I feel as though I’m going into this year with a much more positive mindset, which is a great feeling as I usually dread going back. All I need now is for you guys to wish me luck and we can see how I get on.

Thank you so much for reading.

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