My second year at University

As I mentioned last Sunday, I’m back! Yes I am free from the clutches that was second year. So here I am to moan all about it.

So this year I moved out of halls and into a lovely seven bedroom house, luckily I was living with my uni bestie and let me tell you now, thank god for this girl. I started this year pretty on top of my work doing my weekly readings, getting certain amount of pieces and words written each week, I was feeling good. But after my first week off I slowly, but surely got back into my slacker ways. Doing the bare minimum that I could until deadlines loomed nearer, and I wish I could say I was out being wild, partying with a hangover that just never ended. But that was not the case. I spent most of my year in my room listening to the same songs on a loop, watching crappy Netflix series’ and watching crime dramas and reality TV with the girls on the sofa.

I had a couple of difficult times this year but I feel as though compared to last year I am so much more comfortable in myself that dealing with this away from home was so much easier this time around. Last year I found myself wanting to leave constantly but this year I was okay with being at uni and it was just fun to go home if that makes sense. Again having Emma literally next door made life and hard days especially, so much easier, whether it was letting me cry on her, bringing me tea in the morning or giving her way too much TMI on certain topics, she was always there. I know you’ll be reading this, so thank you my angel.

I had a pretty tame and chill year and if I’m honest I couldn’t be happier about it. I spent the first three months of first year miserable and despite still not living the typical uni experience I am now pretty happy with the little life I have up in Cheltenham that I can escape to every now and then.

Helpful tips for uni:

  • If you want to move out of your current house and want to live with certain people over others just be open and honest about it- just saying.
  • Just do your work as it comes, don’t leave it until the last few days.
  • Do big online shops over weekly trips to the shop, stops you from overspending.
  • Drink wine in the sun as much as possible – or juice in a wine glass will do if you don’t drink

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post, thank you so much for taking the time to read it.

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