My experience with the pill

Wow it’s been a while. Two months! I always say that when deadlines get closer I will schedule blog posts in advance but does it ever happen? No. But as I am writing this I am exactly 24 hours post final deadline, therefore I’m free! Now lets get into the blog post.

So a few months back I decided to go on the pill. I had considered for a little while but had always been put off horror stories I had heard but I just thought I may as well try it and see how it goes for me. So let me be clear on the fact that this was my personal experience and it may affect you differently

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So I got my pill from my local sexual health clinic rather than my GP. I was asked questions about my health, any conditions, other medications etc. I was asked about any health problems in my family, particularly to do with blood clots as there is a slight increased risk. I was then weighed and my height was measured. The nurse I spoke to talked over two particular options of pills Microgynon the combined pill  and the mini pill. I decided to go for the combined pill and she gave me 3 months worth of pills for me to try out. Easy as that.

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I had heard that the pill had made some people feel really down and messed with their hormones a lot and that was one factor I was potentially worried about. Luckily for me I didn’t and still haven’t experienced anything in that sense. I don’t feel as though it has negatively affected me in that way which I am very grateful for.

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In the first couple of weeks of being on the pill I started to get a couple small spots but only on my nose. It was very strange. But obviously this was just the way my body was adjusting to the hormones. After those two weeks they cleared up and I haven’t suffered since with my skin. I obviously still get the odd spot but that is nothing out of the ordinary. The nurse I actually spoke with told me it can help people with their skin if they suffer breakouts and I think my skin has been pretty clear since those first two weeks.

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Now this is one thing that did change after going on the pill. I have always had a slightly big chest in proportion to the rest of my body which is something I have always been a little self conscious of so when I heard the pill can make your boobs grow that was another factor that put me off. But I think it has just given me ‘period boobs’. Meaning they can be a little achy at times but they just seem fuller, so they have grown but not too much that I’m complaining about it.

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Luckily I have never really suffered with heavy period but the pill has basically made my period non-existent and again I’m not complaining about it. I haven’t even worried about leaks because it is just hardly there. Period pain wise I think I still get the same level of period pains as I did when I wasn’t on the pill but again they have never been insufferable.

Like I said the pill is something that will affect every person differently and the only way you can find out if it’s for you is if you try it yourself. Only do it if you really want to though and never feel pressured by anyone to go on it. It has a lot of benefits but also negatives so just take it all into consideration.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and that it was helpful to anyone that needed it. Thank you so much for reading.

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