Insecurities and overcoming them

Insecurities are something everyone has or will have at some point in their life, but getting over them is a completely different story. I am no stranger to insecurities, some I am over and some I am still dealing with.

When I was really young I don’t remember having issues with my appearance, it wasn’t something that I really thought too much into. But when I was around 11 one particular boy in my school year began to point out I had one ear that stuck out and one that didn’t, I was teased for it. Big ears and Elf are just two of the names I can remember being called, it bothered me a little bit, but it didn’t get to me too much, it was more irritating than anything else. But then a boy in my class who I had a ‘crush’ on told me I should stop scraping my hair back into a ponytail because my ear stuck out too much and BOY did that hit me hard. I used to have my hair put back into a ponytail with an alice band holding it back for a long time but after that I think it was years until I felt okay with tying my hair into a ponytail again. I even changed the side of my parting for a while so there was more hair on that side of my head so my ear wouldn’t poke through as much.

In high school I went onto be called camel because I apparently look like one and in all honesty I kinda see it, its the big eyes and long lashes (so I’ll take it as a compliment). But that really got to me, I was a 13 year old girl not feeling great about myself in general and then got that thrown at me. I took it pretty badly and felt very insecure for a looooong time but eventually got over that to.

Now one key factor to getting over insecurities is growing up because now I have no worries about having an ear that sticks out, I mean it doesn’t make wet hair the most flattering look for me but whatever. I have no issues with having similarities to a camel and that’s because I grew up and just don’t see them as being things to care about anymore. It made me think that if all those girls have to say about me is that I look like a camel, they must really be scraping the barrel for insults.  Also thinking about the people that the insults/comments came from, they are long gone now and have no impact on my life so why should their comments? As an adult as well there is a lot less situations that these people can say such things, no school for them to attack you, if they’re not immediately close to me I most probably won’t hear what they have to say.

Don’t get me wrong I’m still insecure about certain things, I think my legs are too short, my lips are too small and my nose has a bump, but whatever. The lips, if I could afford to change them right now, honestly, I would. But that’s nothing to do with what people have said to me it’s just something I would do for me. Never change anything about yourself based on what someone else says but if YOU want to it’s okay to want to change for yourself. The legs, there’s not really a lot I can do about them, I have two patchy tanned, working legs that I’m grateful for, sometimes they look great and sometimes they look short and stumpy. As for the nose, who nose (see what I did there) what will happen. It doesn’t bother me that much right now I’d just rather it was a bit straighter.

We all have little things about ourselves we don’t like and that other people don’t like. The other people don’t matter, they are irrelevant and it may not feel like it when they are making the comments but what they say says a lot more about them than it does about you. As for yourself, I think the important things to worry about is your health and your happiness, we all don’t like things about ourselves but don’t let it consume you.

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it.

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