Lucky dip clothing- Lily LuLu Fashion

Hello everyone! Today I am back with one of my most viewed posts: Lucky dip clothing review. The last two I have posted have been two of my most viewed posts so I’m really glad you guys like them just as much as I do. Today the brand I am reviewing is Lily LuLu fashion,  which is a brand I had never heard of before ordering these items.

So if you have read my other lucky dip posts or ordered some yourself you know how it works, but if you are new to this idea you put your size in as you would when ordering any clothes and how many items you want and that’s all you get to know.

So as you can see above you get one item for £5 which is the pretty standard price for mystery clothing, so I ordered one item in a six and one in a size eight as I go between the two and wanted at least one to fit. The parcel arrived three days after ordering it so I was extremely impressed with how fast it got to me. I also received four items instead of two so I got four items for £10, working out to £2.50 each, which is a crazy deal. With delivery my total for this order was £13.99.

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The first item I pulled out was this burgundy midi dress, it is in a size eight and fits well, I feel as those a six would have been a lightly better fit on my waist but everywhere is a perfect fit. I think the dress is so flattering and looks quite classy, I feel like I would wear this for something more formal such as a wedding. The material was quite thick and really good quality, this dress is amazing for the price that I paid.

The next item was this bodysuit, I paired it with my cycling shorts to create a unitard kind of outfit. I was really impressed with this item as well, the material was thick enough that I didn’t feel unsupported and I like that the detail is on the side, the outfit is quite basic but it just adds something extra to it.

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The next outfit is this two piece, so technically I got five items. I am not a huge fan of this two piece together as they aren’t really ‘my style’ but I feel separately they could work well. I also found these items had a really strong smell, which I  thought was odd because none of the items did, it reminds me of a new carpet smell or new car smell. The lace on this outfit seemed quite stiff, almost a paper/card texture.

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Finally, we have this khaki satin slip dress. I am not huge fan of this item, I just didn’t find it flattering on me but I feel like an item like this is easy to style so I am not completely disregarding it. It also came with a matching belt but I preferred it straight down rather than cinched in.  The dress was lined as well so it was nice to have something of better quality.

Overall I was extremely impressed with the outcome of this lucky dip. Especially as I hadn’t even heard of the brand I was really unsure of what to expect but they have definitely made a good first impression. So if you want to check out a new brand I’d say Lily Lulu fashion is a good one to test out.

Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it.

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