Hello everyone! Another year has gone by and I am ready to go over some significant points of the year with you guys! This year has definitely been a lot calmer than the last but certainly a happier all round year. I have also included one image from each month of the year for you guys to enjoy .


In January I got to see a band I loved The Hunna, my best friend and I went to London and stayed the night in a hotel and got to see them in Brixton. It was definitely one of the best gigs I have been to.


February saw me let go of a very toxic friendship and I can’t tell you how better off I have been since then. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: not everyone you lose is a loss. I had extremely let down by this person and it was important for me to focus on myself and just let go of a ‘friendship’ that clearly wasn’t there anymore.


In March I got to see my absolute favourite band 30 seconds to mars, this was my third time seeing them live and they definitely didn’t disappoint.


In April I was lucky enough to get my first brand collaboration and got to work and I got to write a post for a really great company, this is definitely up there with my very few achievements of the year.


In May I finished my first year of uni and got to let out a massive sigh of relief. It was a huge adjustment for me and I was very grateful to have the lengthy summer I had to relax and enjoy being at home. I definitely struggled in my first year of uni, mentally and emotionally and being able to overcome it and still carry on with my studies and being away from my friends and family is something else I have really been proud of this year.


Summer allowed me to get a new job and going back to the one I had before uni, it allowed me to relax and enjoy the time I had with my friends and just not having the worry of deadlines in front of me.



Of course with September that meant going back to university, despite it being hard to say goodbye to everyone part of me was slightly ready to go back, I was ready to learn, work and focus.



In November came my birthday, 20 years old, how mad. I turned another year older and but I am still looking the exact same as when I was 14.


I feel over this year I have grown up a lot more and have become more independent, trust me there are still things I need my Mum to help with/do for me but I feel as though living away from home has really allowed me to grow. I have built such a strong beautiful bond and relationship with Joe. Although this year hasn’t been a mad one with loads of crazy memories and drama I feel a calm but happy one is just what I needed, having a year with a lot of hurt and drama before really took it out of me. I have laughed a lot and I have cried a lot too (mainly due to greys anatomy) and it has all happened to get me where I am today, starting 2019 with clearer mind and feeling a lot happier.

Thank you to everyone who has made this year such a good one and thank you all for reading.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year

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