Black Friday buys

Hi everyone! Today’s post is another little haul, of all the things I bought in the black Friday sales. I didn’t get too much but I thought I’d share what I treated myself to.

The first thing I treated myself to were some fake eyelashes from Unicorn cosmetics.


I have wanted to try their lashes for years but just couldn’t bring myself to pay full price, cheapskate I know. I got the lashes in two styles because I just couldn’t pick between the two.


The first pair are in the style Bubble pop they were originally £9.99 and I got them for £5.99.


The next pair are in the style Majestic AF which were originally £12.99 and I got them for £7.85. I also got free delivery and they arrived on Monday so the delivery was great. I haven’t tried either style out yet but I am keen to put them to use.

Next up was this jumper from Pretty Little Thing. 


If you read my birthday post you will have seen I got this in a dark grey so I couldn’t resist this discount and ordered it in white. It was originally £12.00 and I got it for £8.00.

Next I got a ring from my favourite jewellery shop, Indigo Lune, that I mentioned on my last post.

I got this cute silver crescent moon ring that I have wanted for a very long time. It was originally £18.00 and I got it for £12.60 and then VAT and delivery was added.

Finally I really treated myself to an order from Size. I also got one of Joe’s christmas presents and got myself some shoes.

img_3208.jpg I got myself the Fila Disruptor II, again. The pair I got earlier this year have had to suffer me working in a club and getting absolutely trashed but I love them so much that I had to get a fresh pair. They were originally £80 but I got them for £40.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and thank you so much for reading. Remember to check out my socials:

Twitter: @Loz_martin_

Instagram: @Laurenamartinn__

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