What I got for my birthday

Hello everyone today’s post is one I have been so excited to get up for you! Sorry it has taken longer than expected but the weather wasn’t on my side when it came to taking pictures. I don’t have pictures of every present I received but will still mention what I was lucky enough to get.

I wont be linking the items in the post but if anyone wants me to find a link for a specific item feel free to comment below.

I’m going to start with the presents I got from Joe, he absolutely spoiled me on my birthday.

The t-shirt in all three pictures and the dusky pink cycling shorts are both from Pretty little thing. The camo cycling shorts are from Missguided. Despite it being winter I definitely happy to get more cycling shorts, he knows me well.

The next three are just what I needed, as it’s getting colder I am finding it harder to hold onto summer clothes so desperately needed some trousers. The joggers and cargo trousers are from Missguided and the satin pair are from Pretty Little thing.

The next items I didn’t have pictures for but the dress is what I wore for my birthday night out, both of these items are from Pretty little thing.


Joe’s parents were kind enough to get me some fairy lights which is just what I need for my bedroom at university.

Next up are the presents I got from Joss:

Joss got me this gorgeous dress from Motel Rocks, one of my favourite shops ever. She also gave me this cropped jumper from Pretty little thing and other little gifts like a frozen cocktail, makeup brush, face mask and lip balm.

Next up is the things I got from my family, one of my sisters and my brother both got me food, which of course I have eaten already so there is no evidence. My other sister got me a ring set from my favourite Jewellery shop, Indigo Lune. IMG_3164

She also got me a gorgeous notebook and adorable pen which I believe were from Paperchase.


My parents were kind enough to give me some money, which I spent in the Black Friday sales (blog post coming soon).

That is all for this birthday post, I hope you all enjoyed it!

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