Birthday celebrations

Hello everyone! Today’s post is the second post in my birthday ‘series’ and will include all the things I’ve got up to during my birthday. This was actually meant to be the third post and the second was meant to be the outfit for my birthday night out but I got far too intoxicated and failed to take any pictures.

So my birthday celebrations started on Saturday night where I went on a night out with some friends. We went to a couple bars and then ended the night at a club in my town,  like I said I got very drunk and didn’t spend a penny so it was a great night.

On Monday, I woke up at my boyfriend Joe’s house and opened the presents he got me. There was a lot of clothes so I am so excited to get my ‘What I got for my birthday’ post up for you guys and get a lot of Instagram pictures up.

Then Joe and I met up with a couple friends and went for a meal at one of my favourite places; Wagamamas. We spent most of the afternoon at a few pubs/bars and had some drinks.

Later on Joe and I headed to my house so I could see my family. We got in and I opened my cards and some more presents and then had a Chinese takeaway, I ate good on my birthday I know. I did plan on going out on my birthday originally but after a heavy night on Saturday decided to just have a chilled one at my house.

I just wanna say a big thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special! To all the people that came out for my birthday and everyone that wished me a happy birthday. And especially to two of my favourite people below and my family of course!

I will try and get my last birthday post up for you guys as soon as possible. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to check out my socials below:

Twitter: @Loz_Martin_

Instagram: @Laurenmartinn__

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