20 things I’ve learnt in 20 years!

Hello everyone! Tomorrow marks twenty years since I’ve been on this planet, so I thought I would do this post to celebrate my birthday. Although when this post goes live it won’t quite be twenty years, we can move past that. So here goes, 20 things I’ve learnt in 20 years.

1. Be kind 

People might have gotten bored of me preaching about the importance of kindness so I wont go on for long. Just be nice, it’s not that hard.

2. Stand up for yourself 

When I was younger I found it so hard to stand up for myself and I let people walk all over me and treat me badly. Sometimes ignoring a problem can make it go away but it can also make it seem like its okay for someone to treat you that way. So I think it is really important to stand your ground, don’t sink to the level of being nasty and petty but don’t be afraid to speak out.

3. Make mistakes 

If you didn’t make mistakes you wouldn’t have anything to learn from. I have done things now I look back on and think wow I was an idiot. But from those experiences I have learnt how to handle things differently in the future.

4. Know what you deserve

Whether this is friendships or relationships, this could really apply to anything. You should know your worth and not settle for any less, if someone is treating you badly you shouldn’t have to put up with it.

5. Give second chances but no more than that

6. Lucozade Original is a lifesaver when you’re hungover 

7. Fake eyelashes make any look 10x better 

If I’m ever not feeling my make up I put a pair of eyelashes on and I look like a new woman. Don’t underestimate the power of a pair of long fluffy lashes.

8. I don’t need to wear make up every day

From the time I was about 13-16 I would not leave the house without make up. Even if I was going to the shop I would have to put on a face of make up and now I know it is not necessary in the slightest. Now I feel comfortable to leave the house rocking the under-eye bags that lack of sleep gave me.

9. Vodka lemonade is the best drink for a night out 

10. Vodka coke is disgusting 

Following on from my last point, don’t do this to yourself. I don’t know why from my time of underage drinking I thought a vodka coke was the only combination to exist.

11. Don’t drink a whole bottle of wine in the space of twenty minutes on an empty stomach

Can you see a theme beginning to form?

This was a TOUGH lesson to learn and I do not recommend it. From this horrendous but possibly necessary lesson I acquired the name sick girl, I’ll allow you to put the pieces together. So ALWAYS eat before you start drinking and pace yourself, at least a little bit.

12. Wear flats to clubs

Before turning 18 I thought everyone was dressed up head to toe to go to a club and I have done so a couple of times. But I can’t say it enough, wear flats! I love to dress up on the odd occasion but it is much easier to dance in flats and much easier to pretend your sober too.

13. Always listen to your Mum’s advice

You don’t always have to agree or follow it but always listen to it. Shes almost always right.

14. Chill out

Don’t take life too seriously.

15. Chinese is the best takeaway 

16. Do stupid things

I have had so many scenarios where I’ve thought ‘This is a bad idea’ or ‘Maybe I shouldn’t do this’ and they have resulted in some of the best memories and stories to tell (or not tell).

17. Not all boys are arseholes

They’re all annoying, but not all of them are arseholes.

18. It’s okay to put yourself first 

19. Sometimes the best reaction is no reaction

20.  I’m not ready to be an adult and that’s fine 

In my mind there is no way I am 20 years old tomorrow. I am still very young I know that but I still feel and look about 15. But it’s okay that I don’t know what I’m doing, because I don’t think anyone has a clue what they’re doing either.

Thank you so so much for reading the first post in my little birthday themed week! I hope you enjoyed reading.

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