Lucky dip clothing- Misspap

Hi everyone! This week I am back with another lucky dip clothing post, people seemed to enjoy when I did the In the style lucky dip so I thought I could turn this into a little series and try out different online stores that do this.

So this post we are going to look at Misspap clothing. The concept is the exact same as last time, you put your size in and how many items you want and that’s all you get to know. Each item is £5 and I ordered two items this time round, back to uni, back on a budget.

It says the items can be worth up to £50 and are non-refundable/non-exchangeable. The website also says that the products will be from their summer 2018 stock. I selected both items as a size six.

So when my parcel first arrived I was surprised at how bulky it was for just two items so I was pretty excited to get my hands on it. I paid £9.00 for two items with 10% off student discount and £3.99 delivery, totalling to £12.99, not too bad for two items of clothing.


The first item I pulled out was an instant disappointment, white ripped skinny jeans. Now when I was fifteen, maybe sixteen, white skinny jeans were a huge thing and I just personally never got it. Some people looked nice in them but I was just never a fan. Now as I looked at these more, it got worse, these jeans aren’t jeans, they are jeggings. I don’t know why jeggings offended me so much to begin with but I am just not a fan. One positive from being jeggings is that they were stretchy and comfy. However they don’t have front pockets or a button, that I think could make them look a little nicer and higher quality. They do have back pockets and belt loop so that is another plus. The final thing I didn’t like about these jeggings were that they were low rise, I personally just don’t like low rise bottoms on me, I like everything to be high waisted. Overall I just really don’t like this item, I don’t think they are flattering on my body, I don’t like the placement of the rips and I am just not enjoying this look. If they are your kind of thing I would say they are super comfy but that’s the only positive thing I have to say about them.


Next we have this plain black hoodie, you can’t go wrong with a plain black hoodie so I don’t actually have much to say on this item. As I ordered the two items together and had no clue what I was getting I ordered my items in my usual size which is a 6, normally I like my hoodies to be oversized on me so I wasn’t a huge fan of the sizing but that is nothing to do with the item itself. The inside is soft and it feels like really nice quality. I think just because I don’t like the fit I am going to cut it into a crop as I want a black crop hoodie anyway, so this item was a success!

I think for £5 each I got my moneys worth, even though I thought the jeggings look slightly cheap I’d still say £5 is not a bad price at all. I believe a hoodie for £5 is a great deal too. Misspap look like they have some really good items online and I definitely consider buying from them as I have heard good things about their clothes, I just didn’t get overly lucky with my clothes.

I hope you liked this weeks post!

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