How I edit my Instagram pictures

Hi everyone! This week’s post is going to go over the apps and tools I use to edit my Instagram photos. I have seen a few other bloggers do this and I have always found it interesting to see how peoples styles differ. I don’t do anything too crazy to my pictures but I thought people might be interested in seeing what I do before uploading to my Instagram.


The first app I use is Lightroom. I use lightroom to play around with the lighting, warmth and colours in the image.

So on the left is the original image and on the right is the result of playing around with the lighting. I usually just press the auto and allow the app to make adjustments for me and go from there. So I can always add to or tone down anything the ‘auto adjustment’ has done for me . Usually if there is a prominent colour in the image, for example the green background of this photograph I will add a small tint of that colour to intensify it. I also usually warm my photos up rather than using the blue tones unless, the image originally has blue or grey tones to it.

IMG_2462.PNGThe next app I use is VSCO, I use VSCO purely to add grain to my images. I got this trick from an instagrammer @Sherriewebster, she is someone I mentioned in my 5 fashion Instagram accounts you need to follow blog post.

So on the left we have the image after being edited on lightroom and on the right is the image with grain added to it. I normally only go between +2-5 on the grain as I don’t like the picture to have too much texture.

Usually that is all I do to my images before uploading them but if I ever want to use filters or anything more creative I use an app called Snow.

I have used some of the filters they have on my Instagram stories to make them more unique rather than a plain simple image but don’t tend to use them too much on my actual pictures. When it comes to the simple filters my favourite  to use are usually the yellow toned ones as they brighten and warm up the picture.

Thank you so much for reading this weeks post!

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