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Hi everyone! Today I want to share a company with you that kindly gifted me some pieces, I actually reached out to them on Twitter as I heard they were looking for bloggers to try out some of their pieces and they responded offering to send me some.

Statement made Jewellery are an online brand that seem very passionate about individuality and style, two things I also have a passion for. They focus a lot on personalised jewellery and express their vision; ‘

Statement Made Jewellery was born from a passion for jewellery to have a deep connection with its wearer, to be adorned by all, and to express yourself in new and exciting ways. We want you to feel that what you show the world is exactly who you are, and what better way to start, than with your jewellery.’

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So the people over at Statement Made Jewellery sent me three items; two necklaces and a bracelet.

IMG_2258 (1)So the jewellery came in this cute little bag with a note inside a padded envelope to ensure everything got me to me in one piece, which it did. The note has a nice message to the customer and lets you know you have a genuine Statement Made Jewellery piece, on the other side it gives contact information and care instructions.

The first pieces I opened were these personalised silver elephant necklaces which I think are really cute! The jewellery is lightweight and is a delicate piece, which can be a positive but in saying that the chain does feel a little flimsy. I feel as though it is something that you can wear day in day out and it will go with almost anything. I couldn’t find the specific piece they sent me on their website but I will link a similar one below. The necklace is silver plated so it is recommended to refrain from wearing it in the bath/shower.

Also let me just apologise for the poor lighting and the patchy tan in those pictures.

Elephant necklace – £12.90

IMG_2257The next item is a gold bracelet with black heart in the centre. What I liked about this piece was that it has an extension of the chain so there is a lot of room, I find with some bracelets that often isn’t the case and it is more of a one size has to fit all. This is another piece that I think could go with anything. I couldn’t find this piece on the Statement Made Jewellery website but they have a variety of bracelets on their shop.

My experience with was positive overall. They’re delivery was quick, my items only took three days to get to me, when speaking with representative(s) of the brand they were polite. The jewellery I received was of quality that I feel reflects the price of the items. I would just like to say thank you so much to the people at for sending these items and being so patient with me.

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