Where I’ve been

Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I lasted posted, over a month to be exact. There is no crazy reason I haven’t posted, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth or move to a distant land with no Wi-Fi, I just simply wasn’t feeling up to it.

I have mentioned before on here that I was struggling for ideas and motivation and that phase just wasn’t coming to an end. Not only that but a huge focus of mine since coming home from uni was working, to save some money and it has felt as though recently if I I’m not working I’m tired from working so I just haven’t wanted to sit and write.

But over the past week I have gained several new followers and I just felt guilty for the people that just followed me and have been following me that I wasn’t even trying to put anything new out there. I write this blog for myself but now I have a following I do want to write for others as well. I think I have been putting too much pressure on myself to make insane posts that everyone will love rather than just sitting and writing what’s on my mind, going on in my life or that I’m interested at the time.

So from these weeks onwards I’m going to try my best to put more posts out there for you guys. I also go back to uni in just under a month and I find it so much easier to be productive when I’m there so I’m sure I will be right back on track in the next month or so.

If you hung around for me thank you so much, and if you’re one of my new followers welcome!

I will be trying to get a post up this Sunday at my usual time of 7pm GMT

Remember to check out my social media:

Twitter: @Loz_martin_

Instagram: @Laurenmartinn__

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