Be happy

Recently I’ve been thinking about the people and things I surround myself with and how my mood fluctuates when I am in different surroundings with different people. Most of the time I am a happy and calm person but recently I have noticed that some people’s mood and attitude can wear me down.

I think what I’ve come to realise is that if people give off negative energy it is quite easy for me to get sucked into it too. I think I need to work on keeping my happy self present even when there are people that are bringing me down. I used to be so good at not letting anyone get to me and just being happy in myself and not being effected by others words and actions but I have recently slipped into it and I have realised how unhappy it’s making me. So I’ve come on here to express how I’m feeling and get it out of my system but also because I’m sure that other people can feel like this too. I thought I’d also share three things that make me happy, they may not work for you but these are just some things that cheer me up.

1. Listen to music 

I think this is a pretty common answer to being happy but I think we all undoubtedly have at least one song that can cheer us up. I definitely prefer listening to music through headphones, it helps me disconnect from whats going on around me.

A song that makes me happy

2. Meditate

This is something I did a couple of years ago and it made me feel so calm and at peace with everything. I eventually got out of the routine of doing it and I think it is something that I am going to be doing again, it is a great escape from your the world and a way to just reconnect with yourself and your mind. It gives you time to just be calm and chill out, it is a great way to clear your head and feel refreshed.

3. Good company

People that make you feel happy are great for you, people that help you grow and be a better person are the best kind of people to have a around. This could also mean taking time to spend alone as I know I feel content by myself. Surround yourself with happy people and it is bound to rub off on you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and I hope you enjoyed this weeks post!

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  1. I agree so badly on surrounding ourselves with positive people. It’s what drives me on to actually be a happy human. For me, I love meeting up with my friends to catch up over dinner after a tiring day at my internship. Thanks for sharing! xx

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