Bondi Sands review

As summer has come around I have not been brave enough to rock the pasty white legs I was given so I couldn’t help but buy myself some fake tan. Now let me just come out and say that  I am no tanning expert, I can probably count the amount of times I have fake tanned on both hands. I had never tried bondi sands before and it was a tan that I had heard people rave about so I was really keen to try it out myself.


I got myself the self tanning foam in the shade dark and used two layers of it just to ensure a deeper tan. The tan has a coconut smell which is one of the things that Bondi Sands is known for, I’m not a hater of the typical fake tan smell but this smells amazing in comparison and something about it makes it seem a lot fresher to me. It applied so smoothly which I think was a combination of a great tan and mitt which I will talk about in a moment. The tan felt so light on my skin, I felt sticky in certain in areas which is a given after fake tanning but not all over which was great too. The tan is also enriched with aloe vera which means it is great for you skin, so a definite bonus there. I got my tan at Superdrug for £14.99.


The mitt I used was the Skinny tan Dual tanning mitt. I have never used mitt like this before, I usually use the spongy one but this mitt is a game changer. The soft material gives you a much smoother all over tan and I am so impressed with this tanning mitt. It was easy to wash out and I just left it to drip dry and it was in perfect condition the next day. I also bought this from Superdrug and it was £5.99 (I couldn’t find the exact mitt i used Superdrugs website which is why I have linked Skinny Tan’s website)

I took some pictures over the course of my fake tan process so you could see the difference.


After developing over night, before shower:

After shower:

A few days later:

The tan lasted really nicely for about a week and then began to go a little patchy. I believe the mitt and the tan together are a great combination and will definitely be purchasing them both again.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and thank you so much for reading.

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