I have no ideas

Hello everyone! First of all I just want to apologise for not having a post up on Sunday, settling back home and not really having a routine seems to make posting harder for me. Which is actually what part of this week’s post is about.

At uni I knew my schedule and what every day would be like, I knew when I would have time to write a post and when to take pictures. But since coming home I have so much free time that I feel like it’s been harder to find time to write because there is so much time. That might sound crazy but I think I am one of those people that needs a routine, so from this week I am going to try my best to find time to write each week so I can keep on top of everything.

Recently I have been so stuck for ideas of what to post. I always want my posts to be unique and something I enjoy writing. I feel as though when I post something that I enjoy and that I am happy with, I feel a lot better about my blog in general. I don’t want to just post things that other people post because I believe it will get more views or likes because then my blog would be the same as multiple other blogs. Of course every now and then some of my posts will be similar to other peoples but I would only write it if I enjoyed it myself.

Although it has been frustrating not having as many ideas I don’t want to be too hard on myself. I have had assignments due in and I’ve moved back home recently so a lot has been going on, so I know it’s okay to have days where I haven’t been as active. So please just bear with me while I think of some new ideas and if you have any ways to think of ideas or have any posts you would like to see just let me know.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this weeks post

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2 thoughts on “I have no ideas

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  1. Hey! It’s totally fine – I get you; it’s easy to get lost in the whole thing sometimes. You just have to find your groove back, and I assure you, you will. Until then, stay positive and happy xx

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