Surviving my first year at university

Saturday 16th September was the day I packed up and moved half of my life up to Cheltenham and now after 8 months and 3 days my first year is over. Today (yesterday when you’re reading this) I moved home for 4 months for the summer and it feels great to be back. I have written university posts before and some of you seem to enjoy them so I thought I would come on here and give a little summary of my first year and share any tips/advice I have with you.

Moving to university came at the perfect time for me as I had gone through a bit of a weird time and having a fresh start was just what I needed. Despite getting away from all the weird stuff going on around me I did have moments in the first semester where I found being away from my friends and family quite difficult. It was weird to go from spending every day surrounded by people to going somewhere completely alone and unfamiliar.

When it comes to the work side of things I think the first year is the year to just get to grips with everything. Luckily my course isn’t a particularly heavy one, I have four assignments per semester and all hand-ins are the end of term, whereas I know people who have hand-ins every month. Also, because I am doing something I love it really doesn’t feel like hard work. I mean I won’t lie and say I’ve never complained about writing multiple essays in a row but that wouldn’t happen if I didn’t leave it all to the last minute.

Over the last couple of months was when I really started to enjoy uni the most. I started to go out more and just spend time with people and not hide in my room 24/7. It was really down to one of my friends who is extremely extroverted and after months of nagging me he convinced me to just talk to people and not be so worried. I am very thankful to him for that.

Now onto some of my tips for surviving your first year at university:

1. Don’t let being shy hold you back

If you’re shy, I totally feel your pain, but don’t let it stop you from doing things. I held back from going out with people because I was scared to talk to people and that’s why I was finding it hard to be there for months. Just have a little bit of confidence to talk to people, and if you feel like you can’t muster up some bravery just fake it till you make it.

2. Not everyone has to be your best friend

Everyone says when you go to uni you make friends for life, it feels as though you have to find your life-long destined best friend and if you don’t you’re not doing it right. Of course it’s great if you do but I think as long as you have a few good people around you, people you can talk to and have fun with you’re set.

3. Make the most of freshers week

Freshers is your best opportunity to meet people, so many people go out and it is a relaxed atmosphere where everyone just wants to enjoy themselves. You don’t have to go out every night and die in the process but I’d say go to a few freshers events at least.

4. Don’t stress

This is a tip for general life and can be said for university especially. Taking a new path in life is always intimidating so don’t add extra pressure on yourself if you don’t have to. Take your first year to get settled and find your feet in the course and don’t panic.

5. Always keep a stash of paracetamol 

When that dreaded hangover comes about you will be wishing for your mum to walk through that door with a plate of toast, a cup of tea and a side order of paracetamol. I hate to break it to you, she won’t be there. I used up my one pack in freshers week and spent the rest of the year begging on my flat group chat for someone to bring me painkillers.

It is so weird to think it’s all over now and I am sad that it is. I lived with and met so many great people and cannot wait to see everyone again in September and continue to work on my writing,  but I am more than ready for the summer months to roll in. If you are starting Univeristy in September I wish you best of luck and hope you enjoy yourself.

Thank you so much reading and I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Hi Lauren, I just found your blog and I am so glad I read this. I start uni in Sheffield in a few weeks and am a little anxious about being so introverted. This really gave me a pos boost so thank you! 💖

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