Hi everyone! Today I have another OOTD post for you, this outfit is a very different look to the last outfit I showed you. If any of you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this outfit a few weeks back on there.SONY DSC

First of all we have this gorgeous t-shirt dress from Motel Rocks, one of my favourite stores and this dress is definitely one of my favourite pieces of clothing. It is of course super comfy like most t-shirt dresses are. I got mine in a XS and it still comes up oversized which is perfect, so I would say stick to your size. The dress is £30 but Motel Rocks offers 20% discount, which is great. You can grab it here.


Next up is this cute faux fur backpack from Primark, this cost me £9. As Primark don’t have an online shop I can’t link it but I have tried to find something similar for you guys. So here is one I found on Urban Outfitters that costs £15.


Next up is tights and shoes. The fishnet tights I am wearing are £5 from New Look, there isn’t a link I could find for you but I am pretty sure you can find fishnet tights from pretty much anywhere nowadays. The shoes I am wearing are my Doc Martens, I bought my pair from schuh with student discount for £95 (original price £130).


Finally I have this gorgeous teddy bear coat from Fashion Prescription. It definitely kept me warm through winter and it is so cosy. I ordered mine in a size 8, it fits well but ideally I would have liked it a little more oversized so I would recommend sizing up in this if you prefer your coats a little bigger like I do. The coat cost £45 and you can grab it here.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this weeks post!

Credit to @Joejozzza for the pictures

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