Old English Company- COMPETITION

Hello Lovelies! I feel like I haven’t posted in forever and it’s only been a week. Today’s post is something I have been really excited to get up for you. Old English Company wanted me to let you guys know that they are holding a competition for the chance to a win a set of their enamel pins!

Some of you may have heard of Old English Company before but if you haven’t they are a company that produce stylish prints, stationary, accessories, cards and homeware. They have some really cool stuff for such affordable prices, so if you are a notebook hoarder like me they have some great options. They have recently had some new additions to their enamel pin range so in celebration of that they are holding this competition.

So all you have to do is follow this link here, this will give you all the information on how to enter the competition.

I have checked out their enamel pin collections and fallen in love with some of the designs, that I definitely plan on getting my hands on. I think pins are such a great way to jazz up a denim jacket or a bag, I have left some of my favourite designs below.

So if you want to check out anymore of their enamel pins click the link here. They have such cute designs for great prices too! Don’t forget to enter the competition for the chance to win a set of their pins: https://oldenglishprints.com/pages/enamel-pin-competition-win-a-set-of-enamel-pins

Let me know in the comments if any of you enter and if you checked out their website, I hope you enjoyed this weeks post!

Credit to Old English Company for the thumbnail image.

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