University- ‘The best years of your life’

If you are going, are at or have been to university think of the amount of times you have heard the phrase: ‘They’re the best years of your life.’ Because leading up to me coming here that is all I got, from teachers, older friends or just anyone I had I spoken to about it really. So coming here I was full of expectations and hope for an amazing time. At the beginning it was like the honeymoon stage of a relationship, everything is easy and fun but over the last couple of months the rose tinted gasses have come off and I don’t seem to be enjoying everything as much as I thought I would be.

As I began to enjoy myself less I started feeling all this pressure that I wasn’t having a good time, that I was meant to be enjoying every moment of it. I was seeing other people seeming to have the time of their lives, and of course everyone told me how amazing it was before I left, so what is wrong with me? It may be that I appreciate the comforts of home, family and friends more than I thought I did, it may be that I just like different things to people, or it could just be me having a few down days.

I didn’t write this post to bash university and kill the hype of it, but I wrote it because there are probably other people that feel this way, or maybe I really am the only one and there is something wrong with me. I wrote it to remind you that it is okay to not like something as much as everyone else does and to like different things.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post x

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, university is definitely hyped up a lot more than it is. The expectations to enjoy every aspect, party hard and come out with a degree are so unrealistic!

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