Why I started blogging

I started this blog just over 5 months ago and I feel as though it is really beginning to blossom into something I am proud of. I am creating posts I am happy with and that other people seem to enjoy. So I thought I’d come on here today and write about why I started blogging and my intentions for the future. Starting my own blog has been something I’ve wanted to do since I was about 16 but just kept putting off, being bored at uni and having people tell me ‘just do it’ gave me the push I needed.

I have enjoyed writing since high school, pursuing English and a creative writing degree has given me opportunities to exercise and enjoy that. Although my course allows me to create pieces regularly, it comes with restrictions in terms of genre of writing, poetry, play writing etc. My blog gives me the freedom to write about whatever I like without writing from a character and it just allows for my own voice to come through.

Growing up in this day and age we all know that social media and the internet is a huge part of life, I have accounts on Instagram, twitter, youtube and so on. Seeing bloggers/influencers having freedom within their job is something I would love to have. I can’t see myself working a 9-5 office job, that could be because I am still young, but the ability to work from home and continue to write pieces I enjoy is something that definitely appeals to me. I would love to head down the route of fashion, beauty and travel blogging in the future, giving reviews, ootd etc. My absolute dream is to travel after university and blog as I go. This blog is definitely something I would like to continue with and turn into my career, for now I am enjoying what I am doing and would love to see my blog thrive.

This blog saves me from extreme boredom and has given me an outlet for all that goes on in my mind. So if you’re thinking of starting one I say just go for it, what’s the worst that can happen?

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post x

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  1. This post was so enjoyable to read! I always love reading the reasons why people start blogging as it reveals so much about the blogger! I can relate so much with the boredom part, since I started blogging I can feel my mind being active and on the lookout for that next blog idea! Good luck with your blogging and may it take you to new places!

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