Handling a bad day

I am no stranger to a bad day, over the last couple of weeks I have had a fair few. But I went out with some uni friends last week and I am back home with my family and friends and I am definitely feeling a lot better. Now this advice won’t work for everyone and I am not saying doing anything of this will make you feel miraculously better but here are some of my tips for handling a bad day.

1. Don’t lay in bed ALL day

I am definitely guilty of this. When I feel really low, I will lay in bed until 5 pm sometimes, having not eaten anything all day. This is not good for you! It is so easy to laze around and not want to do anything but I have learnt that this just keeps me in my low mood. You need to get up and distract yourself, rather than only laying there getting in your own head, if you are doing the same thing all day by laying in bed how can you expect anything/ your mood to change?

2. Tidy

When I am feeling a bit overwhelmed etc I find tidying my room to be therapeutic. I am a strong believer in a tidy room is a tidy mind, this will be surprising to my family having seen my very messy room, lets just say its a vicious cycle.

3. Do something you enjoy

Whether that’s watching an episode of your TV show, hanging out with a friend, writing in a journal. Just do anything that can cheer you up and take your mind off it.

4. Talk to someone 

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to completely open up but having a distraction and someone that can cheer me up definitely helps me out. Usually calling my Mum and having her put things into perspective usually makes me realise I need to try and get on with things.

5. Go on a walk

Going on a walk listening to music is one of my favourite things to do in general but it is also a great way to clear my head. When I am back home going on an evening walk to the beach is how I relieved any stress etc. the beach is somewhere I go to feel happy and calm. Find your happy place.

Another thing I’d like to mention that helps me on a bad day is a poem by Shane Koyczan: Instructions for a bad dayit is a piece that helps me feel motivated and push through on a bad day. Like I said, these things might not work for you but they do for me and please remember we all have bad days and its normal and totally okay. Find what works to make you feel better and keep at it.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post x

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3 thoughts on “Handling a bad day

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  1. These things help me 100% I’m so guilty of accidentally laying in bed all day which makes me feel even worse because I haven’t done anything and not been productive!! lovely advice and post my lovely x x

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  2. I’m definitely one of the people that tidy! I had my first day off in ages yesterday, and all I did was little tidying jobs I had been putting off. So therapeutic to have a clear out, and it put me in a way better mood because I felt like I had accomplished something with my day!

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