2017 has been a big year for change; friendships have changed, relationships have ended and I have moved miles away from home. I have done some wonderful things and I have faced some hardships but I will end the year having grown, feeling content and with a full heart.

I was lucky enough to travel to the beautiful country of India, which I briefly wrote about in a previous post this was a highlight for the year for sure. I was opened up to a new world full of unique character, beautiful people and landscapes. I will be forever thankful for this trip and what it has taught me.

In June I went through dreaded A level exams, which I’ll be honest, I didn’t take as seriously as I probably should have. Although I hated the last year of college and went in significantly less than I should have (I do not recommend) I knew I didn’t want to waste two years of near-hell on a crappy grade. So at the last minute I put the work in (also do not recommend) and got the job done and came out with three qualifications at the end of it.

Later in June, myself and some friends went to Spain on holiday and I had an incredible time. I took time to relax with some of my closest friends and appreciate those around me, of course while enduring multiple hangovers and alcohol induced (minor) injuries. It also brought two new friendships into my life, which have now come to be a huge part of 2017.

August rolled around sooner than expected and I was hit with an unexpected bump in the road. I went through a tough break up and I can’t explain the pain I felt at the time. With only having a few weeks left before I went to university I didn’t want the actions of someone else to have an impact on the time I had left with my friends and family. I surrounded myself with positive people who got me through a shitty time and kept me upbeat. I dealt with things in my own way and can look back and be proud of how I handled things. Although it was a difficult time I came out of it happy and a much stronger person.

September brought the biggest change of all, I came to university and moved hours away from the town I had always lived in. With everything that had been going on leading up to me going I was ready to leave, I was at a point where all I really wanted to do was get away. As days went on and bad news was still following me up here it hit me how alone I was, my mum wasn’t there to make me a cup of tea and chat to, my best friend wasn’t round the corner to day-time drink my problems away with, my dog wasn’t there to curl up next to. I was all by myself. But now a few months in I have adapted to this, I have made friends and settled in and day by day Cheltenham begins to feel a little more like home.

Christmas time was painful, for reasons I won’t get into, but with the right people around me I always manage to get through. I felt true appreciation for my family and all they do for me and I couldn’t ask for weirder, crazier and better people to help form the person I am today.

I am writing the end of this post mildly tipsy with people who I adore around me, I will continue to surround myself with loved ones as they are the ones that really are important. I have ended the year with true friends, a beautiful family and someone truly special. In 2018 I hope to continue with my writing and flourish, I plan to get in shape (who knows if this will happen), work hard in everything I do and be truly happy. I hope you have a fabulous year full of love and happiness, I hope through the hard times you remember to power through and in the good you enjoy every moment.

Happy new year to you all x

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