Move in day

Now, I’m sure you have heard and read plenty of ‘First day at uni’ stories and I’m sure plenty of them began ‘I woke up so excited/nervous for this new adventure….’ Or something along those lines. This is not how my day began.

My day began at 8:30am, my mum violently shaking me to wake up while I was still extremely intoxicated with having one hour of sleep. That’s right, I had arrived home at 6am after a night of heavy drinking, crying and shouting and then continued to stay up with a friend/ex-boyfriend for a further hour and a half saying our goodbyes and chatting, well, pure shit. Upon my rude awakening from my mother I had received a text from a friend asking to say a proper goodbye and informing me that he would be round in about ten minutes. I clambered out of my bed for the last time, wrapped myself up in my polka dot dressing gown and waited by the door for his arrival. So fast-forward, we’re sat in the car and he says these unbelievably annoying words ‘I want to tell you something but I shouldn’t cause it won’t change anything.’ Now as anyone would, I begged him to tell me; ‘I like you but you’re moving away so it doesn’t matter’ my response to this, remember that I’m still drunk and delirious from severe lack of sleep, is a laugh! Regardless of the possibly insensitive reaction, we had a little chat and said our goodbyes, most of which, I cannot remember.

With only about an hour before we had to leave I head for the shower, to wash away last night’s makeup and shame. I put on an upbeat song, trying to liven myself up and as I step into the shower I have the sudden urge to be sick, which, of course, I am. So when I thought my morning couldn’t get any weirder or tragic, I am standing in the shower vomming while Boys by Charli XCX plays in the background.

As I continued to fight the urge to be sick, I watched my family (there was no way I was helping the state I was in) pack my life into the back of my sisters VW polo, making sure the prized possession, my Pete Wicks calendar was in, safe and flat. After an unemotional goodbye (on his part) with my dog I slid into the back seat of Tash’s car and with one last ‘You reek of alcohol Lauren’ we hit the road, late as always and made our way to my new home away from home.

My advice for getting through move in day is;

    1. Don’t get too drunk the night before, if you do make sure you can handle it
    2. Don’t have heart-to-hearts with ex’s that will leave you emotional and confused
    3. Have a good, long shower if you can sense the slight smell of alcohol
    4. Try and get at least 5 hours of sleep, cause there is no chance of sleep in the car when its full to the brim with suitcases, crockery and shoes
    5. Go in with an open mind and enjoy yourself from the moment you arrive


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  1. Number 2 I can relate to so much, I was so homesick moving in to uni I thought I’d message my ex who had lived in the same city and accommodation the year before (so it all reminded me of him) – what followed was almost 2 years of him coming and going and ruining my confidence. I’ve only just managed to scrape it back, wish I could go back and tell first-year me not to bother and to save myself the heartbreak!

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